Why the Easeful Mumpreneur?

As it says on the tin, The Easeful Mumpreneur is all about helping mumpreneurs live a life of more ease. I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by all of the hats we need to wear both in our life and our businesses as mumpreneurs. As well as our parenting commitments, we may also be wives / partners, daughters, sisters and friends. As entrepreneurs we may run multiple businesses. Even if we “only” run one business, the chances are that we play multiple roles in that business. Juggling all of these roles can quickly lead to stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. What is more, we often do not help ourselves when we are stressed, overwhelmed and/or exhausted. As mothers, many of us are conditioned to put our children’s needs before our own needs. However, unfortunately this is a recipe for burnout. Instead, we need to give our own needs equal priority to our children’s needs. 

What is the Easeful Mumpreneur all about?

Given how easy it is to become overwhelmed as a mumpreneur, in The Easeful Mumpreneur I therefore help mumpreneurs to live a life of ease by teaching them to complete their work (which they hopefully enjoy!) as swiftly and efficiently as possible, automatically freeing up time for themselves and the people who matter to them most. As well as helping mumpreneurs to establish routines in their work, I also help them to establish routines for the most difficult part of weekdays with children, the morning and evening routines. I also help them to make light work of those laborious and monotonous household tasks. But the part of The Easeful Mumpreneur that I am most passionate about is teaching mumpreneurs to relax, destress, “slow down” and take good care of themselves. I have learnt a lot about relaxing and destressing since separating from my husband. Obviously it left me with even more on my plate and I realised that to prevent myself from succumbing to burnout  I needed to find a way of slowing down and simplifying my life and looking after myself, in short, so that I was able to continue taking good care of my children in the long term. This has taken me on a whole new learning path and I have really started to embrace the concept of slow and simple living and decluttering. In this new business venture, I want to help mumpreneurs find a happy balance between work and time away from work. I want them to feel fulfilled in the work they do but also have plenty of quality time with their families and precious time for themselves. 

Who is the course creator?

  • Sarah Price

    Sarah Price

    I am mum to four beautiful children, three sons and a daughter, of between thirteen and four years of age. I am not new to the crazy but liberating world of entrepreneurship as I have been a mumpreneur since my eldest son was born in 2005, but this is the first time I am serving fellow mumpreneurs. My previous business which served me well in the past is as a freelance translator. I loved and excelled at foreign languages all the way through school and went on to read languages at university as an undergraduate, followed several years later by a Master’s degree in Translation. My son was born the year after I obtained my Master’s degree and becoming a freelance translator seemed the ideal career path for me as it would give me more flexibility to fit my working hours around my son. Fast forward a number of years to 2013 and two more sons later and, in search of novelty and variety, I went on a quest to find some direct (and more lucrative) clients to complement my existing translation agency clients. These new clients kept me satisfied and fulfilled for a while but I ultimately realised that this was the start of something bigger and more profound, a search for more meaning in both my work and life. This is when I first thought of the idea of a new business serving mumpreneurs. I didn’t need to wrack my brain for long in relation to how I could serve mumpreneurs. This is because the question people often asked me was how I managed to fit it all in, being mum to four young children and also an entrepreneur. This new venture has been a long time in the making as family life has thrown up a number of challenges in recent years. My daughter was born in 2014 and family life became very challenging for a couple of years or so from 2015 onwards. This sadly culminated in my husband and I deciding to separate in the Summer of 2017. It has since taken a while to resolve some of the issues thrown up by the separation. However, it is now more imperative than ever that I put my new business venture on the front burner as it gives me more freedom by enabling me to eventually reduce the number of hours I spend at my desk and increase the time I am able to spend with my family, my most important role. I am also raring to go in my quest to start interacting with my fellow mumpreneurs and changing your lives for the better.